Christmas Craft Fair

Tomorrow is our Christmas Craft Fair.  All the children across school have been working hard to make crafts to sell so please remember to bring some money.

Here are some of the wonderful crafts that are on on sale in our Year 6 classroom:

Hama bead Christmas cards

Numerous tree decorations to choose from.

(See below for a closer look.)









Hama bead Christmas decorations









Tea light Christmas tree decorations



Woolly Hat tree decorations

Natural wood key rings made by Mr Keeling


We will also be having a ‘Guess the Birthday of Minnie Mouse’.

Please come along and join in the fun!

Being ‘Teacher’

Our gaming topic is coming to an end and our final task is to write a story based around a computer game.  We have worked on the setting, the characters and how to punctuate and paragraph speech accurately.  Now, we are putting this all together, interweaving action, description and dialogue to show characterisation and to advance the action.  This will be an assessed piece of writing so we have to put in a lot of effort.

Yesterday, we got the chance to be the ‘teacher’ and analysed Mrs Rees’ story.  We had to use our Year 6 checklist to identify the features she had used and discuss how characterisation was shown through dialogue and action.

Creating our own computer games

We have been working together to create our own computer games using ‘Scratch’.  This has involved creating the graphics, movement, sound, text, algorithms and code.  Some of us really rose to this challenge.  However, some of us found it very frustrating.  We have realised that even when something is difficult, we shouldn’t give in and to keep trying different ideas until it works.

Year 6 visit to Crucial Crew

We had a great time today at Crucial Crew where the children took part in different scenarios all aimed at keeping safe.

Road Safety and Bus Travel



































Fire Safety

















The Courtroom



























First Aid in the Park































Internet Cafe

Persuasive Writing

After a wonderful week at Kingswood, we have produced some fantastic persuasive writing with the aim to persuade the Year 5 children to go to Kingswood next year.

We have looked at persuasive techniques such as the following: rhetorical questions, emotive language, conditional sentences, use of the present tense, modal verbs and adverbs to show possibility, opinions and quotes.

Here is an example of our persuasive writing.  Please have a look at the rest of the work on display outside our classroom or in our Literacy books.