The end of Macbeth!

It’s the end of the term and the end of Macbeth!  We’ve worked extremely hard to produce high-quality news reports based on the battle at the end of the play.  Our news reports needed to include the following features:

  • a catchy headline and informative sub-heading
  • an opening paragraph including the 5Ws (who, what, when, where and why)
  • a recount of important events written in the past tense
  • quotes (written in both direct speech and reported speech)
  • use of formal language for the report with contrasting informal language for the direct quotes
  • use of the passive voice
  • a closing paragraph (written in the present or future tense) to bring things up to date

Here are a few examples for you to enjoy:

Witches’ Spells

In groups, we wrote witches’ spells in the same style as the one in Macbeth.  Not only did we have to think of disgusting ingredients to put in our spell, we also had to use rhyming couplets and a repeating verse.

Here are some examples: