Macbeth Act 1

A great start to our new topic.  We have read abridged versions of Act 1, Scenes 1 to 3 and are becoming more familiar with Shakespearean language.  After role-playing what we thought Macbeth and Banquo might say to each other after first meeting the witches, we wrote a play script for this part of the play, which we will perform to the class next week.  We have also started making our witch masks using papier mache which was pretty messy but great fun.

























Welcome back!

Our new topic is: ‘Shakespeare: the greatest author from the past?’  We will be studying Macbeth, one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays.  There will be many opportunities for drama and we will be making witches’ masks which will be used to support the drama.  There is a large focus on improving our writing skills this half term and we will be writing for different purposes and audiences.

Here is our topic map.


Archimedes – Displacement

This week, we have been learning about the famous Greek mathematician, Archimedes, in particular, his theory of displacement.  We watched what happened to the water level as Archimedes filled up his bath and got into the tub.   We then described this using a line graph.

We also investigated how we could find out the volume of a marble, by using our knowledge of displacement.  We soon realised that one marble didn’t alter the volume of the water much, so we tried more marbles, then divided the total amount of water displaced by the number of marbles.