Greek Pots – Stage 1

This afternoon, some of the children made their very own Greek pot using clay.  They used a coil method and worked hard to ensure that all their coils were joined together and smoothed.  There is a great variety of styles made, which you can see below.  Once the pots are dried, the children will paint them in a Greek design.


Mini Archaeologists

This morning, we had lots of fun excavating pieces of Greek pottery.  We had to work carefully as a group to ensure that we didn’t break the pieces any further.  Once we had found all the pieces, we realised that they were from a mixture of pots so we needed to swap pieces with other groups.  After that, we had to try to reconstruct the pot.  The plates were a lot easier than the pots!
























Happy New Year!

I hope that you all have had a fantastic Christmas holiday and are ready for the term ahead.  It is a very important term for Year 6 and everyone will need to be very focused and hard working.

It will also be full of fun as we start our new topic: ‘Would you rather be an Athenian or a Spartan?’  Please see our topic map below for what to expect.