Year 6 End of Year Celebration

This year, the Year 6 End of Year Celebration will be a performance of ‘The Wizard of Oz’, which will take place on Wednesday 17th July at 6 pm.  This will incorporate acting, singing, dancing, gymnastics, comedy and musical performances; this is to cater for everyone’s interests and talents.

Every child in the class will be involved in this production.   They have chosen whether they wanted a large, medium, small or non-speaking part.  Some children are also helping to develop the script whilst others are interested in helping to make props.  Children auditioned for the parts which were the most popular, and we have done this in the fairest way possible, by children being involved in making decisions as well as myself, as to who would most suit the role.

Please bear in mind that all children have different talents and this is a chance for children who are confident with acting or singing to take the bigger roles.  This is the same principle when it comes to representing the school in sporting events; children with particular strengths in sports are chosen to take part.

The children will be bringing their scripts home on Friday so that they can begin to learn their lines.  This is the first draft of the script, which will be adapted to suit the children (by myself or by them) as the practices progress.  Information about costumes will be sent home after the holidays.  These will be kept as simple as possible so that no one needs to go out and buy anything special, although we will make some of the more unique costumes.

I’m looking forward to getting the rehearsals started as I know the class are definitely going to put on a great show.

Enjoy the holiday; a well-deserved rest for everyone!

Mrs Rees

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We had a wonderful day out at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  Here are a selection of photographs from our visit.

Well done, Year 6

I’d like to say a big thank you to all the children for having such a brilliant attitude towards their SATs this week.  They have kept themselves extremely focused and have given 100%.   Every single one of them should feel proud of themselves.

I’d also like to say a big thank you to Mrs Mayhew for organising a wonderful, relaxing breakfast club for the children each morning.

We now have our trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park next Monday, which promises to be a great day out.  It will also give the children first-hand experience to see how the animals are cared for; this will be extremely useful when we are writing our balanced argument about animals in captivity.

Mrs Rees


SATs timetable

Here is a copy of the SATs timetable for next week (13th May – 16th May).

Please remember that breakfast club is on every morning (Monday – Thursday) and you can arrive any time from 8 am.

Have a great, relaxing weekend.

Good Luck Everyone!

Everyone at Birdwell wishes the Year 6 children the very best in their SATs tests this week.

Please try to stay relaxed and just do your best.

Remember, these tests do not define who you are.

Be proud of yourself!

This poem says it all.

Tyger Tyger

After reading the poem, ‘The Tyger’ by William Blake, we had a go at writing our own poems about a tiger.  We aimed to follow the style of the original poem by writing in verses of 4 lines with rhyming couplets.  Here are a few examples of our work.





Summer Term 1

Here is our topic map for our new topic so that you can see what we are focusing on this half term.

The children will be taking their SATs in just over a week (the week beginning 13th May.)  The children have been working so hard towards these and I’m really proud of how far they have progressed this year.

Following this, we will be going on a class trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park which will be a great, relaxing day out.  It fits in very well with our topic and includes an education workshop based on Evolution and Interdependence.  Letters will be going out this week.

The end of Macbeth!

It’s the end of the term and the end of Macbeth!  We’ve worked extremely hard to produce high-quality news reports based on the battle at the end of the play.  Our news reports needed to include the following features:

  • a catchy headline and informative sub-heading
  • an opening paragraph including the 5Ws (who, what, when, where and why)
  • a recount of important events written in the past tense
  • quotes (written in both direct speech and reported speech)
  • use of formal language for the report with contrasting informal language for the direct quotes
  • use of the passive voice
  • a closing paragraph (written in the present or future tense) to bring things up to date

Here are a few examples for you to enjoy:

Witches’ Spells

In groups, we wrote witches’ spells in the same style as the one in Macbeth.  Not only did we have to think of disgusting ingredients to put in our spell, we also had to use rhyming couplets and a repeating verse.

Here are some examples: