May 18

SATs are finished!!!!

I am so proud of the children and the attitude they have brought to the tests.  Everyone has walked in with a smile and done their best and that is all we can ask of anyone!  Thank you so much kids!!!

I would have taken some photos of us playing on the field and eating ice cream but it didn’t last long enough!!!  : )

May 9

Yorkshire phrase book

We want to be able to talk about where it is, what it is like here, what the people are like and our lives so that we can write to some new pen pals in a school in America next half term.

Part of our culture here is really evident in the way that we speak. Although it is very important to be able to speak and write clearly in standard English, we also need to be proud of our roots and community. To this end, we decided to create some useful phrase books so that our American friends can have a taste of the local accent and dialect!!!

Jorja, Katie B and Skye Holly & Jake Curtis, Ella Mae & Harris Emilie & Ellie Ellis, Arthur, Thomas & Jack Ella, Brook & Aimee Isabel & Lily


May 9

May 9

Today we have been learning about internet safety with Mr Swallow

We have looked at how to report a concern to CEOP.  Their job is to help us stay safe online so Mr Swallow thought it would be a good idea to show us how to report an issue.

If you ever have a concern to report or feel that you are being victimized online then you can report this to CEOP, who are part of the police.  here is the link…


Or try this website for more info…

March 24

Museum Day

During our topic work this term, we have been creating our own museum. The hard work all built up to the first opening of the ‘Birdwell Museum of British History’ on Wednesday. We displayed all of our learning around the classrooms and corridors for parents, friends, family and teachers to come and take a look. We even managed to open a cafe section and have sample food from the 6 different periods of history. This included:

  • WW2 Poor Knights Fritters
  • Victoria Sandwich cake
  • Tudor Cornish Pasties
  • Viking Bread
  • Anglo-Saxon Honey Shortbread
  • Roman Pancakes

Take a look at some of the pictures below!